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Ezwen c3442eef36 Add --no-covers-single-track option to not download covers for tracks 2 months ago
Ezwen 261df59034 Remove extraenous [DEBUG] printing with stack traces 2 months ago
Ezwen c8617cbff0 Adapt test cases to new API 2 months ago
Ezwen 4b92df615a Refactor: injections + add Logger class + some debug logging 2 months ago
Ezwen 333e89e98e Add --debug option to show complete stack trace on error 2 months ago
Ezwen 0442535ac2 Update docs 2 months ago
Ezwen 03d014bac5 Release v2021-12-05 2 months ago
Ezwen 7606743107 Remove commented lines from release process docs 2 months ago
Ezwen fcc93d5117 Merge branch 'master' of framagit.org:Ezwen/bandcamp-collection-downloader 2 months ago
Ezwen f3f64f5874 Update changelog for next release 2 months ago
Ezwen 367f8d4c68 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 2 months ago
karlreingit 6566866f9d fixes Ezwen/bandcamp-collection-downloader/-/issues/33 2 months ago
Ezwen c36b0c8c4a Remove --skip-failed-releases (has no real effect with current implem) 3 months ago
Ezwen c1c510e282 Set specific gradle version in docker gradle shell 3 months ago
Ezwen 2413ef0e53 Minor fixes to the CLI (version number + terminal width) 3 months ago
Ezwen 6dcb3c1f4b Fix gradle (kotlin 1.5.31 + new fatJar task) 3 months ago
Ezwen 219fe64a9d Bump picocli to 4.6.1 + make required changes 3 months ago
Ezwen d8b646bf7f Bump most dependencies 3 months ago
Ezwen 93479d52dc Add DuplicatesStrategy to gradle task 3 months ago
Ezwen 75b9ac8f41 Merge branch 'cookies-without-containers' 3 months ago
Ezwen 4e4c10754e Fix hidden items DL initial set + refactoring 3 months ago
Ezwen 7fe1c73b07 Only search for firefox cookies not found in container tabs 3 months ago
julien-leclercq 3ecfdcda74
Add initial work for an option to skip hidden items (#28) 3 months ago
Ezwen 0420ce0331 Fix Main.kt package name + fatJar build 12 months ago
Ezwen c0cda66231 README: add gradle version 1 year ago
Ezwen 9703441907 Improve real account test case 1 year ago
Ezwen 74efd2fe6f Update CHANGELOG 1 year ago
Ezwen 0f8182834d Split in packages + add dry run + add noerror test 1 year ago
Ezwen 79f3d16bb8 Release v2020-12-15 1 year ago
Ezwen eb0810a34b Update CHANGELOG 1 year ago
Ezwen 0842cca783 Solve conflict 1 year ago
Ezwen 340f4c3389 Save release description in cache file 1 year ago
Ezwen dbb3ea10e1 Update CHANGELOG 1 year ago
Ezwen 1adacf00dd Simplify "exists as file" error message 1 year ago
Ezwen 1145d51f54 Add missing 'normalize' calls on logged paths 1 year ago
Ezwen b87e783c5f Add better checks on existing files/folders (including case) + formatting 1 year ago
Ezwen 4b43f6e06a Remove old WIP code 1 year ago
Ezwen 420b427bf9 Make artist and release folder case insensitive 1 year ago
Ezwen 9853ee629b Minor fix README 1 year ago
Ezwen f62a39471d Clarify Firefox/Chrome usage 1 year ago
Ezwen ffa9525b92 Add more information on install/update/atom 1 year ago
Ezwen 2f211588ae Add "Installation" section to README 1 year ago
Ezwen fc2342db5c Minor change release process text 1 year ago
Ezwen 3f810d588b Release v2020-12-06 1 year ago
Ezwen 13fb6a4e23 Upgrade the release process for release artifacts 1 year ago
Ezwen cf923f0e86 Upgrade the release process for release artifacts 1 year ago
Ezwen 8554ab4331 Prepare changelog 1 year ago
Ezwen 9aabaf81f6 Make 'downloads' nullable + add null check 1 year ago
Ezwen 7db5e7c4aa Make retrieveRealDownloadURL more safe 1 year ago
Ezwen bd130e2779 Typo in release process file 1 year ago