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Easy Wireguard configurator.


I didn't write any documentation yet, but --help option is available.

NixOps example

# Initialize a config:
wgbond init wgvpn

# Add server:
wgbond add server \
--endpoint \
--nixops \          # Include into NixOps export
--center \          # Make clients use this peer as gateway
--gateway \         # And get internet through it
--masquerade eth0   # And forward via eth0

wgbond add phone --keepalive 30

# Generate and push config to your NixOps cluster
wgbond nixops > wg.nix
nixops modify wg.nix machines.nix
nixops deploy

# Generate config for your phone
wgbond qr phone


Use VSCodium + Nix for the best experience. Just add recommended extensions, and you are good to go.